International Myositis Society - Newsletter 1/23

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Second annual Issue on Myositis

We are pleased to announce that the great Second annual Issue on Myositis has been published at our home journal "Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology" - CER.
  1. Second Myositis monothematic issue
    Section co-Editors: M.M. Dimachkie, P. Korsten, J. Schmidt, G. Siciliano
Furthermore, we are pleased to report that the second annual issue on myositis features an editorial by patient representatives from global myositis groups and the meeting abstracts from the GCOM 2022.
  1. Working towards a patient-centred Global Myositis Alliance: call for partnership
    S. Schlüter, I. De Groot, M. Lubinus, A. Dihkan, J. Johnsson, O. Drápalová, I. Oakley
  2. 4th Global Conference on Myositis (GCOM)
    J. Vencovský, M. Klein, H. Mann, K. Kubínová, O. Kryštůfková, H. Šmucrova


The next iMyoS general assembly will be held virtually on March 14th, 2023 at 8 pm CET (UTC+1).
Please note that only iMyoS members can attend. You can sign up for membership through the website
We look forward to see you in the general assembly.

iMyoS - last General Assembly - November 2022

The last general assembly of iMyoS took place at the twenty-second November 2022. After welcome by the iMyoS chairman - Jens Schmidt - the following committees reported about the current status: Nominating committee, Regional outreach committee, Committee „Outreach to professional groups“, Committee „Cooperation with professional societies“, Newsletter committee and Fundraising committee.This was followed by updates on IMACS, Euromyositis and GCOM. Dana Ascherman gaves a short overview about the GCOM 2024 in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA). The decision on GCOM 2026 has been made for Lisbon (Portugal).
Myositis Fellowship at University of Pittsburgh
ACGME recognized Myositis fellowship to start July 2023!
Institution: University of Pittsburgh/UPMC
Duration: 1 year
Eligibility: US citizens, permanent residents & visa hilders from anywhere in the world; Visa Assistance Provided
Candidates: Rheumatology, Neurology, Pulmonary, & Dermatology trained
Program Director: Rohit Aggarwal (
Applications due by Sept 2023 for 2023-2024; Interviews in Nov/Dec 2023:
Contact: For application and information: Monique Dowdy (Fellowshio administrator:
European Neuromuscular Centre - ENMC
The 255th ENMC workshop on Muscle Imaging in Idiopathic Inflammatory myopathies was divided into two sessions: first part (virtual) in January 2021 and the second to be held as hybrid meeting in The Netherlands during from 9-10 September 2022. The report can be found here:
Collaborations at iMyoS
The iMyoS website has been further developed. A list of collaborations with "global myosits patient organizations" and "our cooperations partners" has been posted at "collaborations" tab on the iMyoS website.
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