International Myositis Society - Newsletter 3/23

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Upcoming papers on Myositis in press at our home journal "Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology - CER"

  1. Comparison of pulmonary and small airways function between idiopathic inflammatory myopathies patients with and without interstitial lung disease
    P.K. Panagopoulos, V.E. Georgakopoulou, V.C. Pezoulas, K. Malagari, D.I. Fotiadis, A.V. Goules, T. Vassilakopoulos, A.G. Tzioufas
  2. Characterizing oesophageal motility disorders by high-resolution impedance manometry in dermatomyositis patients
    C. Rizzo, L. La Barbera, G. Barletta, F. Camarda, D. Donzella, G. Romano, A. Agrusa, S. Bonventre, G. Guggino
  3. Serum cytokine profiles of adults with idiopathic inflammatory myopathies
    D. Saygin, P.S. Biswas, S.M. Nouraie, D. Ren, S. Moghadam-Kia, M.J. McGeachy, C.V. Oddis, S. Dzanko, D. Koontz, D.P. Ascherman, R. Aggarwal
  4. Expansion of exhausted CD8+ T cells associates with increased pulmonary fungal infection risk in anti-MDA5+ dermatomyositis
    Y.-T. Xu, Z.-Y. Cao, S. Lin, X.-M. Shu, X. Lu, G.-C. Wang, Q.-L. Peng
  5. A longitudinal study using B mode ultrasound and power Doppler as monitoring imaging tools in inclusion body myositis
    S. Paramalingam, M. Needham, F.L. Mastaglia, H.I. Keen
  6. Progression prediction in idiopathic inflammatory myopathy-associated interstitial lung disease: a combination of initial high attenuation areas and anti-melanoma differentiation-associated gene 5-positive
    F. Xianjing, Z. Liwei, Z. Hong, L. Bin
  7. Nintedanib could potentially lead to improvements in anti-MDA5+ DM associated interstitial lung disease
    X. Chen, W. Jiang, Q. Jin, S. Lin, L. Zhang, Q. Peng, H. Sun, Y. Wang, X. Lu, A. Song, G. Wang, Y. Ge
  8. Utility of positron emission tomography as a new tool for muscle involvement in patients with idiopathic inflammatory myositis: a controlled study
    M. Bektaş, E.G. Işık, E. Oğuz, F. Kemik, A. Abbasgholizadeh, B. İnce, Z.G. Özkan, Y. Yalçınkaya, B.A. Esen, A. Gül, M. İnanç
  9. Treatment of refractory psoriasis with dermatomyositis using upadacitinib
    Z. Xu, B. Xu, B. Zhao, S. Ye, J. Wu
These myositis-related articles will appear at CER, and can be found there in the press section.

GCOM 2024 - Registration is open!

The registration for the GCOM 2024 is open! This meeting will be in hybrid format. Please visit this GCOM - Website with all the information on how to register, submit abstracts, etc.
We look forward to seeing you in person in Pittsburg and online.

Save the date - General Assembly

The next iMyoS general assembly will take place virtually on November 16th, 2023 at 2-4 pm CET (UTC+1). There will be elections of iMyoS board (Call has already been made). Please note, that only iMyoS members can participate. You can sign up for membership through the iMyoS website
We look forward to see you in the general assembly.

World Myositis Day - WMD - was founded!

This special day will be celebrated every year on September 21 from now on. On the WMD, special attention should be paid to increase the awareness to of myositis. Representatives of various international myositis groups and – organizations have jointly decided to establish the World Myositis Day.

Clinical trials - iMyoS webpage

A summary table of ongoing clinical trials in the field of myositis has been created for the iMyoS website. This table will be periodically updated when new information is available. Please feel free to reach out to us if you become aware of new clinical trials.

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