International Myositis Society - Newsletter 1/22

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iMyoS has partnered with the excellent Journal Clinical Experimental Rheumatology (CER, current impact factor: 4.47) as home Journal of the Society. As part of this collaboration, future proceedings of the international myositis conference (GCOM) and global guidelines and standards of care will be expected to be published in this Journal.
A standard category of our newsletter will be: "Upcoming papers on Myositis in press at our home journal Clinical and Experimentall Rheumatology". In this category we will inform you about myositis-related articles that will appear at CER, and can be found there in the press section.
Accepted articles in press:
  1. Transcranial direct current stimulation is safe and efficient in autoimmune myopathies: a randomised, double-blind, sham-controlled trial
    L.F.A. de Sousa, R.G. Misse, L.M. dos Santos, C. Tanaka, J.M.A. Greve, A.F. Baptista, S.K. Shinjo
  2. Association of the serum IgG glycosylation with disease activity of anti-transcription intermediary factor 1 gamma positive dermatomyositis
    X. Li, J. Bai, S. Li, M. Li, X. Zeng, Q. Wang, C. Hu
  3. High prevalence of necrotizing myopathy pattern in muscle biopsies of patients with anti-Jo-1 antisynthetase syndrome
    L.M.B. da Silva, I.B.P. Borges, S.K. Shinjo

  4. Serum levels of lysyl oxidase-like 2 are increased in patients with dermatomyositis
    M. Yan, Y. Chen, S. Lin, H. Liu, Q. Xie

iMyoS - General Assembly - March 2022

The last general assembly of iMyoS took place at the second March 2022.
After welcome by the iMyoS chairman - Jens Schmidt - the following committees reported about the current status: Nominating committee, Regional outreach committee, Committee „Outreach to professional groups“, Committee „Cooperation with professional societies“, Newsletter committee and Fundraising committee. This was followed by updates on IMACS, Euromyositis and GCOM. Afterwards, the location of the next GCOM in 2024 was discussed. The final decision is still pending.
The 4th Global Conference on Myositis (GCOM 2022) will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on 6 – 9 June 2022 at the O2 Universum multifunctional centre. The conference will be organized as a hybrid meeting, i.e. with in-person attendance as well as with virtual participation using simultaneous online streaming. There will be a discount for all iMyoS-members!
Information and on-line registration on the GCOM Website
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