Categories and fees

What is the International Myositis Society?

The International Myositis Society is an international community of patients, medical professionals and researchers from many countries worldwide, all with the shared goal of improving the life of myositis patients.

Who can join the International Myositis Society?

In addition to medical professionals, we welcome all patients and their families affected by myositis to become a member of iMyoS. All eligible professionals working in healthcare or research with an interest/educational background in inflammatory muscular diseases and/or science are also welcomed to join our society.

Why join iMyoS? 

The advantages of becoming a member of iMyoS include:

  • iMyoS globally connects clinicians, researchers, and patients interested in Myositis 
  • iMyoS allows to build a network and exchange knowledge on Myositis 
  • iMyoS enables you to apply for funding and grants?
  • iMyoS will offer a reduced fee for the Global Conference on Myositis (GCOM)

Membership categories

Full membership is open to medical doctors, scientists, pharmacists, nurses, patients and patient advocates as well as some other healthcare professionals.  Student membership is open to medical and basic science students. The board of the international Myosotits Society defines the criteria for the different kinds of categories of full members.

Membership fees

Full membership fee: 

The current membership fee is 50 € per calendar year.

Reduced membership fee: 

Not available as of yet. 

Becoming a member is easy: 

  • Step 1: Register on the website with your personal data.
  • Step 2: After filling in the registration form, you will be taken to different payment options. Your full membership will be confirmed via email after successful confirmation of payment.


To view the society statutes (bylaws), click here.

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